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about us

Our work enables businesses to acquire customers faster and more effectively by building high performing commercial teams. We use data driven solutions to make accurate hiring decisions, acting as an extension of your business with a bespoke service tailored to your needs?

Here at North Starr, we build effective recruitment strategies and execute them with vigour. Our proven and trusted track record of fulfilling the demands of hard-to-fill positions has shaped a customer base we are proud of.

We operate on a global scale and every customer has a dedicated point of contact who is focused on delivering your best outcome.

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  • Contingent


    Nothing upfront, we invoice you on the candidate’s start date.

  • Exclusive


    Nothing upfront, you commit to using us exclusively and get access to a range of additional services and benefits.

  • Retained


    Deposit upfront, balance invoiced on the candidate’s start date. Either you’ve used us before, love us and want even more from us. Or perhaps you have a particularly tricky hire and want access to our advisory services and video platform.

  • Project


    A monthly retainer followed by a reduced placement fee for each successful hire. This is for companies needing to hire a high volume of candidates and need a truly bespoke arrangement. We can offer a dedicated resource to spend time on-site (virtually or in-person depending on location) to manage every aspect of the recruitment process from planning to delivery.

our process

EVP & Recruitment Process Advisory
(Retained, Project)

The first step for any business that wants to become world-class at recruiting is to get your brand and EVP right. You might be the best company in the world to work for but unless you put the right messaging out, your target audience will never know. Our experts are on hand to work with our Retained and Project customers to help you improve your website, careers page, social presence, interview process and onboarding to ensure you are set up to attract, engage and retain the best people.

 (Contingent, Exclusive, Retained, Project)

We work with you to get to understand your business, what you need to hire and why. We will question, challenge and advise you using our experience and knowledge of current market conditions to help give you the best possible chance of success. If we’re doing our job right, you will be asked to think about things you’ve never even considered when trying to recruit!

(Exclusive, Retained, Project)

There is a difference between finding the best talent and finding the best available talent. For our customers that opt for our Exclusive and Retained services we will put a dedicated team together to map out the companies and locations that are likely to have the talent you want. This is for those that will only consider the best. This phase typically takes 1-2 weeks, and we can offer a full report with the Retained and Project service.

(Contingent, Exclusive, Retained, Project)

This is where the magic happens. We deliver you well qualified candidates and offer you regular catch up and review sessions to fit your schedule, typically weekly or bi-weekly. We are on hand to help ensure the interview process runs smoothly, you are fully informed and challenges can be addressed such as competing offers, concerns from the candidate, and pressing timescales.

(Exclusive, Retained, Project)

Ever decided someone is not right 5 minutes into an interview? Our video platform, NS Connect, allows you to watch short videos of the candidate meaning you can spend your time meeting only those that fit your needs and the culture of your business. The videos would typically save you hours over the course of a recruitment process and gave candidates the chance to create a better opening impression of themselves over a CV alone

Post Placement
(Contingent, Exclusive, Retained, Project)

It’s not a goodbye, it’s a see you later! Our mission is for clients and candidates to have a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship. We offer regular post placement reviews with our clients and candidates to ensure everyone is supported in the best possible way. What can be learned, what can be improved, let’s work together to get better.

tech solutions

for tech companies

Using high performance technology, proven assessment processes and innovative recruitment tools, our goal is to take the stress out of your hiring process, ensuring that your vacancies are filled with the best possible people.

Our video platform, NS Connect, gives our clients the most efficient way to shortlist candidates whilst giving candidates the best opportunity to secure their dream job.

If you are looking to hire and would like a demo of our platform, enquire today.


Building communities is part of our ethos and we find that many sales leaders share the same challenges – hiring, driving performance and growing revenue. We strive to build solutions that tackle all three.

We believe that sales and business leaders can best solve challenges with the support of their peers and our leadership communities are networks of like-minded individuals with common goals and aspirations.

Our regular roundtable events and coffee mornings are the perfect opportunity to share challenges and solutions and join a growing group of professionals who are dedicated to high performance.

Our communities are invite-only, you can enquire about joining below.

what people have to say

"Joining North Starr was all about creating a business dedicated to helping our customers grow successful commercial teams. This is both challenging and rewarding in equal measure and seeing a company scale as a result of the teams we’ve built is hugely satisfying."

-Erin Mace, Senior Tech Sales Recruiter